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The chief decision making body of BAMOSZ is the general assembly, while the day to day operation of the Association is primarily based on the working and cooperation of the Board of Directors, work groups established to discuss specific issues and the Secretariat. To facilitate effective decision making, the new statutes of BAMOSZ delegate professional decisions to the Board, for the deliberation of specific issues, the Board can establish ad hoc work groups, and the harmonisation and supervision of these work groups is the responsibility of the Board. The members of the Board are delegated by the members, as defined by the statutes. The members of the Ethics Committee are selected by the general assembly, and one external person can be a member alongside members of BAMOSZ.

The Board of Directors of BAMOSZ

The main tasks of the Board are to make strategic decesions, harmonise and supervise the operation of the committees, represent BAMOSZ with regards to external organisations and make decisions concerning questions of management.

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Sándor Vízkeleti (Chairman of the Board)  - Amundi Investment Fund Management Company
  • Balázs Benczédi (Vice Chairman) - MKB-Pannónia Investment Fund Management Company
  • Kocsis Bálint (Vice Chairman) - Aegon Hungary Investment Fund Management Company
  • Köves bence (Vice Chairman) - OTP Investment Fund Management Company
  • dr. Mesterházy György (Vice Chairman) - Erste Investment Fund Management Company
  • Schuszter Péter (Vice Chairman) - Generali Investment Fund Management Company


The Supervisory Board of BAMOSZ

The task of the Supervisory Board is to supervise the internal operations and the implementation and adequacy of laws, articles of association, internal decrees.


  • Krisztina Kozma (Chairman)  - Blackrock Investment Management Ltd.
  • Bíró Gergely - Diófa Investment Fund Management Company Ltd.
  • Komm Tibor  -  CIB Investment Fund Management Company Ltd.


The Ethics Committee

The task of the Ethics Committee is to safeguard that members adhere to the internal ethical as well as other professional norms of BAMOSZ, and the further development of the Code of Ethics that define the basic principles and rules of behaviour.

Members of the Ethics Committee:

  • Gáti László (Chairman of the Committe) – OTP Investment Fund Management Company
  • Padányi Péter – Amundi Investment Fund Management Company
  • Dr. Tomori Erika


The Secretary General

The tasks of the Secretary General are to run the day to day operation of BAMOSZ regarding all operational, interest representation, information provision and management activities of the Association and the execution of the decisions of the Board.

The Secretary General of BAMOSZ is Mr. András Temmel

Contact Details:

Office: 20 Magyar street Budapest 1053 Hungary
Tel.: (36-1) 354-17-36
E-mail: temmel.andras@bamosz.hu

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